Tavia Thompson

Dedicated Bilingual Advocate
  • COLUMBUS, Ohio
  • June 13, 2019

An astute and bilingual professional committed to strengthening institutions and practices that affect the lives of underserved populations locally and internationally, through administration, research and teaching.


I can offer your company over four consecutive years experience working in administration, research and teaching to help structure programs for underserved populations. As an undergraduate my focus mainly rested in the post secondary achievement of Hispanic/Latinx communities through means of qualitative research and mentorship. Specifically, I worked an initiative called IMPACT that pioneered my interest in health interventions that leveraged educational pipelines and partnerships. My second concentration lied in the linguistics field, volunteering and interning with Columbus City Schools and OCHLA to ensure equal accessibility to and comprehension of local resources. Through international studies and teaching, I’ve expanded my understanding of languages and leadership; and while in your company I anticipate learning and establishing myself in new and interesting ways.



Spanish Linguistics @ The Ohio State University
Sep 2011 — May 2017


Case Aide @ BCFS
Jun 2019 — Current
Supervisor @ Ralph Lauren
Aug 2018 — May 2019
Specialised in operations (i.e. the ordering system, distribution and receiving) and cash management, front of house supervision. Not limited to customer service experience, inventory, team leadership, and merchandising.
English Auxiliary @ Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport
Oct 2017 — May 2018
Provided knowledge & pronunciation help in the target language to students and teachers. Lead the design and technique on which English activities were disseminated. Assisted in the design of appropriate games, and activities for the classroom size, age and level.
Volunteer Intern @ Ohio Commission of Hispanic and Latino Affairs
Jan 2017 — Jul 2019
General administrative duties. Various office projects such as actualising the resources pamphlets and contacting donors and participants on the company.

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