Robert Raney

Project Manager Professional w/ Geoscience and Petroleum background
  • Houston, TX
  • February 8, 2021

Seasoned geoscientist with a heavy background in complex problem-solving methods, both scientific and client-oriented topics. Project Management experience for both agile and waterfall styles. Well-rounded customer service base with experience as a team manager experience across multiple industries. Developed creative work environments for multi-disciplinary teams, allowing for adaptive problem-solving projects. Extensive presentation skills in front of a large, diverse audience with topics ranging from informative to highly technical.

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Petroleum Geology - Certificate @ Texas A&M University
Feb 2021 — Mar 2021
The Graduate Certificate in Petroleum Geoscience is an interdisciplinary program in the Department of Geology and Geophysics designed to enhance both critical thinking and the technical skills that serve as the scientific foundation for practicing petroleum geoscience. The program requires a minimum of 18 semester credit hours from Geology and Geophysics and optionally Petroleum Engineering as part of a regular graduate program. In addition, workshops, lectures and field trips enable students to learn about pressing scientific problems in petroleum exploration and production. Students are required to take a core of courses including reflection seismology and seismic interpretation, sequence stratigraphy and basin analysis, 3-D structure and rock properties. One seminar per year is required. In addition, students must choose at least one course from an approved list of supporting courses in both the Department of Geology and Geophysics and Petroleum Engineering. The Certificate is conferred upon successful completion of an MS or PhD degree program in Geology or Geophysics including the required courses.
Project Management Professional Certifcation @ PMI
Aug 2020 — Sep 2020
Professional (PMP)

TechTarget Contributor
Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification is a qualification program overseen by the Project Management Institute (PMI). In the computer and information technology (IT) industries, the term project management refers to a methodical approach to software development through defined stages called initiation, planning, executing, controlling and closing.

The process for becoming a certified Project Management Professional involves a review of prior education and work experience followed by a written examination. Holders of the certification may use the designation "PMP" after their names in professional correspondence and publication. Each holder of the certification must adhere to a formal code of professional conduct and accumulate a certain minimum amount of relevant experience over a period of three years starting
Master of Science - Geophysics (Focus Planetary Physics) @ Texas A&M University
Jan 2010 — Dec 2012
The Master of Science (MS) curriculum is designed to develop new understanding through research and creativity. Students have the option to pursue a thesis or non-thesis Master of Science degree. Skills obtained by graduates from this degree program include knowing how to: place geophysical information into a context that is meaningful to land and environment stewardship and civil infrastructure stakeholders; assess risk and vulnerability from geophysical hazards and make realistic evaluations about quality and quantity of Earth resources; determine whether geophysical data could be indicative of a potential subsurface target of interest; recommend the suitability of a given type of geophysical data to address a given geoscience problem; suggest generalizations about fundamental Earth structures and processes from incomplete and possibly inaccurate geophysical information; combine geological and geophysical data to build an integrative model whose value exceed the sum of its components; prepare an oral presentation, and respond to questions, in which geophysical information is motivated, described, interpreted, and from which conclusions are drawn; prepare a well-written and well-structured written document that contains sound reasoning and defensible conclusions based on geophysical principles; access and learn to use commerical software packages that process, display and manipulate geophysical data; access and learn to use basic geophysical field and laboratory equipment; execute a test of a geophysical research hypothesis using basic principles, data, and techniques; understand the basic principles of scientific uncertainty as it relates to geophysical hypothesis testing.
Bachelors of Science - Geophysics @ Texas A&M University
Sep 2005 — Dec 2009
Graduates with a BS in Geophysics go on to careers in the energy and environmental industries, and advanced study at top-ranked graduate programs. The first two years are similar to the BS in Geology, providing students with the fundamentals of geology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics.


Petrophysicist - Project @ CGG
Oct 2017 — Oct 2019
• Project Management: Responsible for running geoscience related projects with multiple participants reporting to me. Directing resources and workflows to facilitate client expectations.
• Petrophysical Analysis & Reporting: Responsible for petrophysical workflows (assessment, editing, and ultimately the interpretation of each wireline project) resulting in mineral evaluation, rock physics modeling, and pore pressure analysis in big data projects for large reservoir prospects. Analyzed for OGW contacts within every model. Advanced experience with both conventional and unconventional plays. (Max project size 1500 wells)
• Geological Research: Each project required in depth research to appropriately assess the needs of the region. Also helping develop a plan for how to appropriately assess the data we are able to use.
• Multi-Disciplinary Tactics: Every project had at least one active Geophysicist & one active Petrophysicist. A Geologist was also on stand-by for advice if necessary. The reservoir evaluations required in depth associations between both the geophysical and the petrophysical interpretation. Good team relations were a must in these projects.
• Adaptive Problem-Solving &Multi-Tasking Skills: Continuously balancing multiple project and clients simultaneously while working in the multi-disciplinary environment. Each of those projects can have issues that arise with data, geological structure, and/or client requirements. These issues demand solutions that are not only technically sound but also inventive.
Petrophysical Technical Advisor & Customer Success Manager @ CGG
Feb 2016 — Oct 2017
• Global Software Trainer: I was the sole global trainer for a number of our softwares. Predominantly those related to our petrophysical technologies. Managed a software team to coordinate trainings throughout the year. Developed classes to appeal to hundreds of clients. Traveled all over the globe teaching too many different types of people and cultures. Countries include: Kuala Lumpur – Saudi Arabian clients; Trinidad; England; Brazil; Mexico; Canada; Italy; and 10 different locations within the US.
• Product Management: Responsible for client caretaking and product advancement. Taking new clients underwing and demonstrating the subtleties of our software packages. From our petrophysical software to the seismic inversion softwares available.
• Sales Demonstrations: Responsible for designing and leading meetings for new clients to demonstrate workflows and criteria for sales pitches. Developed workflows to specifically cater to each client based upon what their company required from the software.
• Proof of Concepts: Took client data and/or designed workflows to fix issues that arise during their analysis. Took client problems and created brand new workflows to solve issues and create new revenue streams. Developed feasibility studies for client’s wells all over the globe, determining whether or not they should continue their pursuits.
Petrophysical Software Support Manager @ CGG
Feb 2013 — Feb 2016
• Software Specialist: Learned and held credentials in four different software packages. Facilitated communication between clients and the software team
• Multi-Tasking & Problem Solving: Responsible for fielding tens of phone calls and emails a day dealing with client issues. This required active listening and critical thinking skills. To help them solve these issues, in-depth problem solving was necessary.
• Team Management: Coordinated a team of six people to keep things moving forward within the group. Each person had a software specialty that allowed them to focus while as a group each individual was responsible for learning a new software each year.
• Technical Sales: Responsible for demonstrations and sales meetings at tradeshows. Focusing these presentations on the fly to each particular client and showing them those things that would make them most enticed by the software.
Teaching Assistant - Lab Coordinator @ Texas A&M University
Jan 2010 — Aug 2012
• Field Trainer: Responsible for field coordination for over one hundred students. Monitored student process and safety while creating answer keys around the western united states greatest geological sites.
• Lab Coordinator: Helped create, facilitate, and teach labs for a dozen different classes. Taught classes for Historical Geology, Physical Geology, and Field Camp. Coordinated lesson plans for multiple students

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