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July 21, 2021
Columbus, OH
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Data Scientist

Primary Responsibility:
This position is responsible for conducting data analysis on large amounts of data of a variety of types to uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations to support the business and management decisions. This includes data mining, data auditing, aggregation, validation, and reconciliation. The position builds reports for management as well as conducts basic hypothesis tests. This position should have a working knowledge of analytics and statistical software such as SQL, R, Python, Excel, Hadoop, Tableau SAS, SPSS and others to perform analysis and interpret data.

Additional Responsibilities:
This position will assume a leadership role for a team of 3 and will be responsible for coordinating the this teams' efforts around data collection, analysis, and normalization, and giving general direction regarding these efforts. This individual will help to drive roadmap efforts, and provide report-outs to leadership in Cyber Security. This individual will work with IT and Business Unit's Subject Matter Experts to collect, compile, and catalog information about digital assets on the network. This includes operating system, firmware, and software versions on workstations, virtual devices, servers, network gear, appliances, and "internet of things" devices. Once compiled, this individual will load this information into an inventory management tool and will keep it current. Requires excellent communication and problem solving skills, ability to discuss issues competently with team members.

Essential Job Functions & Tasks :
Essential function: Assists with the development of basic analytical tools to solve high-value business problems across COMPANY Tasks: Utilize analytical tools and data management skills to provide actionable business intelligence Acquire business knowledge across the organization and utilize knowledge to assist in development of meaningful analyses Identify, acquire, and provide management of data needed for various analytic studies Develop components of predictive and prescriptive systems to optimize operations and support strategic initiatives Apply data visualization tools to large data sets to enhance data understanding Essential function: Assist data scientists in identifying, defining, and developing analyses which provide actionable insight for meeting business needs Tasks: Acquire knowledge of business processes and data acquisition practices from business units using disparate systems Collaborate with Information Technology partners to develop data acquisition and data management practices. Essential function: Provide meaningful, concise reporting of analytic results. Tasks: Develop concise meaningful written reports and provide oral presentation of information. Develop reporting dashboards that meet business needs for status, trends, and variances Collaborate with IT and business units to operationalize meaningful reports and dashboards.

Principal Accountabilities:
1. Identify, track and work with subject matter experts to resolve data gaps relating to IT assets.
2. Demonstrate ability to work independently and assume responsibility for various IT inventory management needs.
3. Collect, organize and disseminate information to various parties.
4. Participate on a team that will work together to maximize IT inventory management results; communicate internally and externally with team mates and subject matter experts.
5. Actively attend and participate in status meetings with Cyber Security and IT to ensure that all IT inventory management needs are being met.
6. Act as a liaison to communicate with appropriate personnel to ensure that digital inventory is correctly accounted for and documented.

Basic Qualifications:
Education: Bachelor degree in mathematics, operations research, applied statistics, economics, data science or a related quantitative discipline.
Experience: Minimum 5 years experience applying quantitative, business analytics, and computational skills.

Additional Requirements :
1) Expertise with analytic software packages such as SQL, R, Python, Excel, Hadoop, Tableau SAS, and SPSS
2) Knowledge/familiarity relating to IT/ network assets (i.e. operating system, firmware, and software versions on workstations, virtual devices, servers, network gear, appliances, and "internet of things" devices.)
3) Established leader in working in a collaborative, team oriented environment
4) Ability to apply strong analytical and complex problem solving and critical thinking skills
5) Excellent oral and written communication skills.

General Comments

You may submit over the max bill rate if necessary but manager would like to stay close. If candidate is non-local, please list their location on the resume or they may be rejected. Potential to convert - COMPANY does not sponsor. Please list if the candidate is willing/able to convert on the top of the resume (do NOT put their visa/citizenship status, we just want to know if they're willing/able to convert).

Pay rate is 55/hr.

Interested candidates please send resume in Word format Please reference job code 575763 when responding to this ad.

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