Susan Robbins

Experienced Secretary
  • Columbus, Ohio
  • October 22, 2018
  • Clerical
  • Data Entry
  • Payroll
  • Customer Service
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Word
Phone Number


No degree @ Franklin University
Apr 1981 — Jun 1982
3 classes


Receptionist/Office Assistant @ Columbus Driving Academy
Jun 2017 — Oct 2018
Ran credit card information and balanced out each morning. Called each classroom instructor daily to remind them of classroom lesson number and location where they were teaching that night. Took messages off of voice mail each morning, returned each customer call and answered their questions, also took off instructor voice mails and updated each instructor's book with new add-ons. Typed up certificates for students as they completed the driving course. Greeted customers as they came into office, sent them to correct individuals as needed. As customers came in, asked them what program they were interested in, explained the course to them, cost of it, and what was needed to start course. If they wanted to sign up, asked for information from them, entered information into computer, had them sign paperwork,made up a folder, and filed in correct file. If they were wanting to sign up for in-cars , asked for their temporary license, took payment from them, ran paperwork, then had them sign it, then scheduled their first in-car with instructor. Entered data entry for classroom sheets from each evening including lesson number, location, lesson number, payment, and grade, Filed test information in correct file. Filed paperwork and ran copies as needed. Took care of emails as needed. Used postage machine to send mail out. Mailed out coupons to customers as needed. Put closeouts together in correct order, then in alphabetical order to make it easier to find.
Secretary (Office Assistant) @ Defense Finance and Accounting Service
Dec 1998 — Dec 2011
Performed payroll functions such as maintaining timekeeping information, processing and submitting payroll. Answered phone and gave information to callers, took messages or transferred calls to appropriate individuals. Set up and managed paper or electronic filing systems, recording information, updating paperwork or maintaining documents such as time and attendance records,personnel files, and regulations. Operated office equipment such as fax machines, calculators, copiers and arranged for repairs as needed. Scheduled and confirmed appointments for supervisor, meeting rooms for supervisors and employees, video teleconferences, and travel reservations. Located and attached appropriate files to incoming correspondence requiring replies. Opened, read, routed and distributed incoming mail to correct personnel. Composed,typed, and distributed meeting notes, inter-office memorandums, letters of appreciation, performance evaluations, weekly activity reports and other miscellaneous correspondence. Reviewed work done by others to check for correct spelling and grammar to ensure that company format policies are followed and recommend revisions. Order and give out supplies. Filled in for division secretary.
Property Disposal Technician @ Defense Property Disposal Office-Defense Reutilization Marketing Office
Sep 1981 — Nov 1998
Kept records on ledger daily for money coming in and payments going out, balanced out each day and dropped money off in night deposit. Took care of cash and credit card functions for local auctions and the retail store. Kept retail store stocked, and priced items. Entered data entry for local auction catalogs, printed and mailed them out to customers. Entered data on day of sale and printed off Notice of Award for each customer. Took care of refunds going to customers. Entered data regarding merchandise in warehouse for city, state, county and federal agencies and other customers making it easier to locate items customers were interested in. Answered phones and gave information to callers, took messages or transferred calls to appropriate individuals. Made copies of correspondence or other printed materials. Trained other employees for cashiering of local auctions.
Clerk-Typist @ Defense Construction Supply Center
Mar 1979 — Aug 1980
Answered phones and gave information to callers, took messages, and transferred calls to appropriate individuals. Operated office equipment such as microfiche,typewriter, calculator, copiers, printers and CRT. Typed forms and letters in accordance with company procedures. Made copies of correspondence or other printed material. Reviewed work done by others, made corrections as needed. Took care of files and updated regulations as needed. Typed correspondence such as inter-office memorandums, letters, and other miscellaneous correspondence as needed.
Clerk-Typist @ Defense Electronics Supply Center
Jun 1977 — Mar 1979
Answered telephone, answered customers inquiries, and referred to correct individuals as needed. Sorted and distributed mail to correct personnel. Printed and made copies of paperwork as needed. Addressed envelopes and prepared envelope labels using typewriter. Typed up correspondence such as letters of appreciation, inter-office memorandums and other miscellaneous correspondence. Kept files and regulations updated and in order.

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