Ryan Tamburrino

Seeking an entry level opportunity to begin molding a career in Marketing and Design.
Seeking an entry level opportunity to begin molding a career in Marketing and Design.
  • Dublin, Ohio
  • July 24, 2019
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MBA - Sport Business Management @ Webber International University
Aug 2015 — Apr 2017
The Webber International University MBA concentration in Sport Business Management prepares graduates for leadership positions in the sport industry. The program incorporates classroom theory with practical strategies from today’s professionals in all courses.
New Media and Communications Technology @ The Ohio State University
Aug 2010 — Jun 2013
New Media and Communication Technology (COT) explores the way technology is transforming the field of communication. This interdisciplinary major integrates course work from communication, computer science, design, psychology, and business to help you understand interactive technology, evaluate the user experience, and communicate with users from varying levels of technical proficiency.

The Human-Computer Interaction track focuses on how people use technology and the social implications of new technologies. I am able to apply your understanding of how people process information, make decisions, and communicate in order to improve the design of interactive technologies.


Shift Lead @ PiNS Mechanical Co. / 16 Bit
Dec 2017 — Jan 2019
Organized and implemented time saving POS user interface changes to speed up staff sale time behind the bar.
Coordination of daily staff in order to provide exceptional client experiences.
Operated with a flexible skill set, filling in multiple positions during peak busy times.
Product Research and Development @ Kegel, LLC.
Nov 2016 — Jun 2017
Performed quality control testing for new and emerging technologies in the bowling industry.
Led usability testing on prototype mobile appication.
Graduate Assistant @ Webber International University
Aug 2016 — Apr 2017
Volunteer graduate assistant to the Sports Information Director of the university. Scheduled content on social media accounts for the university.
Edited team stats, rosters, schedules and other website content to reflect current season. Curated news stories recapping games and live stream video events.
Account Manager / Sales @ ONNYX
Sep 2013 — Jul 2015
Tasked with overseeing 200+ local business accounts in the Northern Ohio territory. Develop and manage relationships between contacts for each account, problem solve business processes, and coordinate project implementation to customer expectations.

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