Lujean Cummings

Entrepreneur and Inventor
Entrepreneur and Inventor
  • Savannah, Georgia
  • September 29, 2020

Skills include technical, administrative, and operative. Specialties include web development, business development, and project management of fashion shows. I have experience in business, military, medical, fashion, and technology. My goal right now is to find a job that brings me peace and financial benefits according to my skills. I have accomplished a lot in just 25 years and I have no finances to show for my hard work. In addition, I struggle with mental health issues from moving so fast in life. I am honestly starting to burn out.

Phone Number
(706) 441-2350


Bachelors in Business Administration @ American Intercontinental University
Oct 2018 — Feb 2020
Bachelors of Arts in Business Administration specializing in Entrepreneurship. I am capable of initiating a business and assisting in expansion of the business.
Associates in Medical Technology @ The George Washington University
Jan 2014 — Jan 2016
Certified to work as a Medical Laboratory Technician. Degree includes BOC certification that was obtained from the American Society of Clinical Pathology (ASCP).


Chief Executive Officer @ Bourgeoisie by Lujean Cummings
Jul 2018 — Current
In charge of everyday business activities. Developed the business plan, business website, staffing, business employee handbook, products development, invention prototypes, etc.
Medical Laboratory Technician @ Neurological Spine and Pain
Jun 2018 — Aug 2018
Laboratory management and use of the drug screening technology, and Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrum Mass Spectrometry (LCMS-MS) machine for confirmation testing. Occupational Safety and Hazard Association (OSHA) regulation compliance.
68K Medical Laboratory Technician @ The United States Army Active Duty and Reserve Component
Jun 2013 — May 2018
Entailed performing laboratory duties, pursuing future education, funeral detail, conducting Basic Life Support (BLS) techniques if needed, and practicing military drills.

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