Kellyn Huehn

Dynamic Plant Health and Cultivation Specialist
  • November 3, 2020

I am pleased to offer my resume for your consideration in choosing your next plant health care professional.

As Petty Officer First Class, I was fortunate to have been awarded positions of high responsibility and trustThe demonstrated quality of my leadership reflects my belief in personal accountability, and communication that fosters civility and respect. It is this commitment to leadership through example that allowed me to excel in all assignmentsexceeding rigorous standards, and to earn the confidence of junior personnel, my peers, and leadership. 

As a student at The Ohio State University, I have been equally fortunate to receive instruction and mentorship from some of the finest minds in plant pathology and horticulture. I chose challenging and diverse coursework, for a strong foundational knowledge of phytopathology, integrated pest management, plant physiology, controlled environment agriculture, propagationplant-microbe interactionsand environmental science. These skills allowed me to thrive in my role as Plant Health and Cultivation Manager for Great River Farms. I was routinely presented with operational, environmental, and budgetary challenges which required me to develop common sense, workable solutions that produced sustainable results. I wachallenged to synthesize aspects of my experience and academic knowledge, and I’m proud of my contribution to the farm’s success. 

By maintaining a relationship with my academic mentors as well as my professional membership to the American Phytopathological Society, I am committed to staying abreast of trends and developments in my field. I am confident that my keen attention to detail and commitment to excellence can add value to your team. Exceptional academic, employment and personal references, full employment history, and copies of awards and performance evaluations are available on request. Thank you for your consideration, and look forward to speaking with you and learning more about this exciting opportunity.

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Bachelor of Science, Agriculture @ The Ohio State University
Jan 2017 — Current
Major: Plant Pathology; Minor: Horticulture.
Approved for Spring, 2021 Graduation. Rigorous and diverse coursework in phytopathology with a focus on ornamental disease diagnostics and management, integrated pest management, controlled environment agriculture, vegetative and germplasm propagation, soil and environmental science, microbiology and phytobacteriology, molecular genetics. plant physiology, and general and organic chemistry.


Plant Health and Cultivation Manager @ The Great River Farms
Oct 2019 — Current
Developed and promulgated cultivation strategy focused on Integrated Pest Management; Designed seed propagation procedure which ensured successful germination of approximately 25,000 hemp seedlings; Implemented greenhouse and indoor cultivation layout, propagation, and care procedure which ensured all plants exhibited a high level of health and uniformity, with zero losses due to disease or abiotic factors, and planting readiness achieved in accordance with seasonal deadlines; Plot design for approximately 10 acres, including row spacing and orientation as disease prevention measures; Designed novel nutrient delivery system which allowed even nutrient distribution when challenged with low water pressure; Trained staff in principles of plant health and care, selectrive pruning and training, and scouting for disease and insect damage; Trialed biostimulant product, BioYield, in development phase; Initiated sampling in compliance with USDA procedure; Disease diagnostics including microscopy and culture isolation.
Air Traffic Controller First Class @ United States Navy
Mar 2009 — Feb 2015
Provided exceptional radar air traffic control services in both at-sea and shore-based environments, to include military, civil, and commercial air traffic. As both a qualified air traffic controller and Petty Officer First Class (E-6), leadership responsibilities included supervision of up to 34 personnel; Training of juniors and peers to qualification on multiple air traffic control positions; Facility manning, to include scheduling and leave approval; Counseling and mentoring junior personnel on career, personal, and disciplinary issues; Writing and disseminating performance evaluations; Ensuring adherence to rigorous training standards and deadlines; Assurance of full compliance with FAA and Navy quality assurance standards, resulting in 100% inspection passing rates. USS Nimitz (CVN-68) Operations Department representative for Aviation Warfare Specialist qualification board; Petty Officer of the Watch and Chief of the Guard; Awards, commendations, and special designations: Flag Letter of Commendation (2), Good Conduct Medal, Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal, Aviation Warfare Specialist, Surface Warfare Specialist.

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