John McDermott

Experienced in marketing events, fundraising and adding to brand value.
  • Columbus, Ohio
  • March 2, 2019

Since my freshman year of college, I have tried to improve programs and employer’s reputation with the community and area stakeholders. From my first student position helping with Chaminade University of Honolulu’s recycling program to now seeking a new career in sustainability related fields. Driven is a word that could very well be used to describe me. I also follow my heart and try to make sound decisions based on good advice from more experienced peers. Reasoning future decisions out, many have found, is the best way forward; of course, I totally agree.

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(Not completed) City and Regional Planning @ The Ohio State University
Aug 2010 — Dec 2012
Learning municioal and regional design and planning techniques
Comprehending historic information and law on how cities grow over time
Improve analyzation and data collection skills to graphically display information for those outside the study and field of planning
Associate of Science @ Columbus State Community College
Aug 2009 — May 2016
Learning hard science skills including General Chemistry, calculus based math and statistics
Learning how to use Building Informational Modeling and Science software
Understanding Computer Informational Science software and hardware
Developing my written and oral communication skills


Apprentice Electrician @ IBEW #683
Nov 2016 — Feb 2019
Further grasping mechanical, electrical and bonding systems
Taking courses through the electrical trade school on college-level electrical classes
Working in the presence of customers and answering basic questions when the journeyman electrician is unavailable
Apprentice Solar Installation Tech @ Ecohouse Solar
Mar 2015 — Jul 2016
Learning mechanical, electrical and grounding systems for solar installations.
Learning basic residential and light commercial building construction
Helping advocate to grow the market share of solar installations

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