Dominic Lebron

Pre-Law Student
  • Columbus, Ohio
  • June 6, 2019

I am a sophomore student at Miami University majoring in Political Science with a minor in General Business. I have always been passionate about the workings of politics and law, particularly how they relate to the corporate world. Through my education at Miami University and professional experience, I hope to continue to develop my knowledge. I am seeking an internship in the disciplines of law to apply my skills and gain valuable experience.

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Bachelor's @ Miami University
Aug 2017 — Current


Market Researcher and Team Member @ Miami Prime - Farmer School of Business in association with Cintas
May 2018 — Jun 2018
- Engaged in discussions, team projects, and skill development in each
major discipline including marketing, finance, management, strategy,
accounting, supply chain, economics, information systems, analytics, and
- Conducted market research and analyzed data for a client project
Developed and presented project results to management of the Fortune
500 corporate client with a team of 3 peers
Assistant Manager and Lifeguard @ Upper Arlington Pools Sytem
May 2017 — Aug 2018
- Managed difficult conduct and crisis management situations
- Consulted patrons over concerns with safety and service
- Audit lifeguards to improve safety and overall knowledge of employee base
- Organized a set of rules and regulations, guiding a team of 21 employees to
create a better working environment
League Coordinator @ Upper Arlington Lacrosse Association
Jan 2017 — Jun 2017
- Created a marketing strategy focused on attracting parents and acquiring
new players
- Managed the registration process, making it fast and efficient for both
volunteers and parents of players
- Organized a schedule for 10 teams, which included 164 players ages 9-11

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