Christine Doolittle

Education Veteran with 32 Years Experience, Retires and Looks for Job
  • Westerville, OH
  • October 21, 2019

I retired in June 2019 from Westerville City Schools, with 32 years of experience. Most recently I was an elementary principal,  but also have 18 years of experience in curriculum, and also taught elementary school and high school art. I have years of experience working with many people in the education setting and coordinating programs. As a principal I coordinated programs for my staff, students, and parents; and when in the curriculum department I coordinated programs for hundreds of people. Both position required coordination, organization, and managing budgets.  Art was always my first love, and at was my first teaching position after college.

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Master's Degree in Computers in Education @ University of Dayton
Oct 2019 — Nov 2019
My undergraduate degree is in Elementary Education and Art Education, from Bowling Green State University.
I also hope a Supervisor's Licence and a Principals license.


Principal @ Westerville City Schools
Jul 2013 — Jun 2019
I spend 3 years as an assistant elementary principal and the last four years as the principal of two elementary schools in Westerville.

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